Starting a remodeling project can be exciting, but can also be intense. In your mind you have envisioned the idea of what you want that space to become to fulfill your needs. Now it’s time to make that dream a reality!

Here are some of the major steps to focus on when starting a remodeling project:

  • Preconstruction – planning your space
    • Determine the purpose and style the space should have
    • Establish a budget to make it happen
    • Design those ideas into a blueprint and obtain proper permits
    • Grant the contract to the people who will build your design
  • Construction
    • With the blueprints, the contractor can order materials and assign personnel
      • Some materials can be found the same day and others may take weeks (custom orders, etc), keep this in mind!
      • If your project calls for a very specific skill or knowledge (historic restoration, etc.) they might need to find a subcontractor for this service
    • A time schedule will help them stay on track and give you an approximate completion date
      • Change orders require modifying the original plan and the time schedule as well. Most of the time it can also increase the planned budget, beware!
      • Depending where the project is located and the complexity, there might be one or several permits required. Some inspections are needed during and after certain phases, while others are mandated before moving forward with the project, so planning ahead of time is important!
    • Final walkthrough
      • As the client, you will point out details that need attention and request they be taken care of before moving in
      • At this point, the vast majority of the work is completed and necessary permits have been obtained
  • Move In – Congratulations!! Your space is now a reality, a dream fulfilled!

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